The aim of date-ability is to help people on the NDIS, recognise and implement the skills required to find meaningful relationships, and to keep them safe in the process. 

This is a 4 session program delivered in a small group setting on a Saturday afternoon.

Each week we practice date skills as well as interactive education on important elements for dating:

  • Self Awareness

  • Boundaries and Consent

  • Safe online dating 

  • Sexual Wellbeing

This program has been designed to be delivered in a safe, fun and interactive format.

 We have worked hard to deliver a program which is inclusive, sensitive but also a bit of fun.  We  welcome everyone regardless of sexual identity or preference.

What is covered?

The aim of this program is to help people recognise and implement the skills required to find meaningful relationships, and to keep you safe in the process.

The first focus is on Self-awareness and the importance of knowing yourself, strengths and weaknesses, desires and deal breakers before entering a relationship.

Boundaries and consent play a large part on this (and was the reason I started this program in the first place).  We discuss individual boundaries and how these differ from person to person and over time.  We place great importance on being able to verbalise your boundaries in a practical way and the importance on verbalised consent throughout the dating process not just for sex. 

The third focus is safe online dating.  This is a new area where a lot of previous education missed.  We talk about dating profiles, safely organising a date, scams as well as touching on money in relationships.  This also includes discussing sexting and we have a game around what people believe is acceptable regarding sexting.

The final day we discuss sexual wellbeing.  We find that this area generally has been discussed extensively however it is still prudent to include this.  What we have found is that as this is the last day everyone is a lot more relaxed and happy to discuss this more openly.


Prior to the running the program we contact the participant to discuss any concerns, interests or triggers that might present so we are more prepared to support the person in this learning.

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NEW 17 year old to 21 year old Date-Ability Program

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We are so excited to announce that we are offering a new young adult program.

Once every 3 months we will now hold a 17 to 21 year old Date-Ability course. We have found that some younger people want additional help around this and would feel more comfortable with people a similar age. This is only for people with with NDIS. We will also be looking at starting a ‘coffee’ club with these young adults to help build peer networks held in Adelaide CBD.

The next intake is 5th February



Please See Our New Date-Ability Website For More Information


You asked for it – now here it is!  

Our Speed Date and Speed Mate is happening!

The event will be on the 11th December from 4:30 to 7:00pm @ Healthy Living Precinct in Welland South Australia.  

Mate before Dates

The plan is  we start with guys can meet guys and girls can meet girls.  This is designed to help you meet some people who you might like to stay in contact with and to shake off some nerves.


Then we will take a little pizza break (because who doesn’t like Pizza?)  There will be alcoholic beverages available.  Pizza is included in the price of the night but beverages are pay as you go.

Let the dates begin..

We then will start the speed dating part of the night.  If you both tick that you are interested, we will swap numbers for you.

Come along for a good fun night.  Feel free to come with a support person to help feel more comfortable.  

The cost of the night is $80 and charged from  04_105_0125_6_1 Access Community, Social and Rec Activities.

Numbers are capped so don’t leave it too late.

*If you don’t identify as any of the terms above – please let us know so we can support you in the event.

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