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First Step Solutions

We run multiple programs for NDIS participants.

First Step for your financial independence.

First Step for building friendships.

First Step to dating.


What We do

12 week Financial Literacy program
Adelaide, Melbourne and Western Sydney
and Brisbane

Helping you manage your budget.

We will work with you weekly, one-on-one to help you manage your budget and teach you more about paying your bills or saving for something you want.

All sessions are personalised on a one on one basis. We can help with areas such as understanding income, managing a budget, paying bills and savings.

love, couple, holding hands, dating

Date-ability - Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

This is a 4 session program delivered in a small group setting.

Each week we practice date skills as well as interactive education on important elements for dating:

  • Self Awareness
  • Boundaries and Consent
  • Safe online dating 
  • Sexual Wellbeing

This program has been designed to be delivered in a safe, fun and interactive format.

Our Story

As a qualified financial planner and educator,  we started the organisation offer an individually tailored 12 week course to help you become more financially independent.  Once a week we will visit with you to help you manage your budget in a fun way.  I fully understand the complexities of the NDIS and know how the funding works with your finances, to make it work for you.  

Since the we started we found that the majority of our clients loved having coffee but were doing it with a support worker and they didn’t have a friendship group.  This is why we started Coffee club.  To help start friendships within their area in a safe way.

We then found there was a gap in understanding for people wanting to start dating.. in a safe way.  I have worked with the most qualified people to create a dating program to teach the ‘how to’ of dating in todays work.

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Frequently asked questions

Financial Literacy Program

What is an example of a session?

We start sessions by discussing what you would like to achieve from our sessions and what your budget worries are.  We there go through your current spending and discuss what is important to you.  From there I help you make a budget and assist you in completing any payments that need to be made and we track your spending.  A budget without tracking your spending is pointless.  We will also help you with your understanding of things such as banking, income, bills. 


Why is it a 12 week program?

Over 12 weeks we generally get a more complete idea of your spending habits.  Think of me as your personal trainer for your spending.  12 weeks we can create good habits.

Why do we see each other every week during the program?

Seeing each other weekly allows us to keep up with spending and allows us to talk through any money decisions you want to make.  It also means we can act quickly if there has been over spending. 

Can I have a family member or support worker with me?

Absolutely!  Talking about money can be intimidating to begin with and having someone you trust with you can make you more comfortable.

How do I pay for the service?

We will invoice your plan manager.  It can be funded from Capacity Building or Core at this stage.  

Do you manage my money?

No! We do not take over any control or management of your money.  Our role is to assist you with being independent, taking over goes against our core beliefs. 

Where are you located?

We now have amazing staff in Western Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.  Thanks to zoom we are now able to offer our service Australia wide.

What are common reasons to do this program?

Often participants will want one or more of the following:

1. They want to spend less (reduce shopping spending)

2. Want to save for something

3. Need to repay debts

Its very common for everyone to not fully understand where all their money goes.  This program is designed to simplify your money management and to understand exactly what you are spending and why.




Is this a dating group?

No.  This is an educational program which focuses on practical information and interactive.

What are the charges?

The course is $1,150 funded from Capacity Building other therapies or Core Other therapies.

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Financial Counsellor Experienced teacher
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