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Financial Literacy • Date-Ability • Relationship skills Counselling & Training

Adelaide - Melbourne - Brisbane - Sydney - WA
Plan or Self managed participants only

We run multiple programs for NDIS participants.

First Step for your financial independence.

First Step for building friendships.

First Step to dating.

What We do

Helping you manage your budget.

We will work with you weekly, one-on-one to help you manage your budget and teach you more about paying your bills or saving for something you want.

All sessions are personalised on a one on one basis. We can help with areas such as understanding income, managing a budget, paying bills and savings.

This is a 6 session program delivered in a small group setting.  Each week we practice date skills as well as interactive education on important elements for dating:

  • Self Awareness
  • Boundaries and Consent
  • Safe online dating 
  • Sexual Wellbeing

This program has been designed to be delivered in a safe, fun and interactive format.

We deliver one-on-one relationship counselling throughout Australia.

This is a combination of therapeutic and educational counselling to enhance relationship building skills

This has been designed to be delivered in a safe, fun and interactive format.

We will be hosting a ‘Mates before Dates’ speed dating style event at the end of the year which is designed to build networks and friendships while also potentially meeting someone who you would like to date.

For the first hour, girls will meet girls and guys will meet guys.  Then we eat and then the ladies meet the guys.  This is designed to be a fun and safe environment.  

Events will be running though out Australia every few months. 

Friendships | Relationships | Companionship

The Cliq Connection is an online platform that supports people with disabilities to connect with others in a unique, fun & safe way.

The Cliq Connection is solely for Australian NDIS Participants with user safety & privacy a high priority and key element in what makes the app in a league of its own.

Our Story

As a qualified financial planner and educator,  we started the organisation offer an individually tailored 12 week course to help you become more financially independent.  We fully understand the complexities of the NDIS and know how the funding works with your finances, to make it work for you.  

We then found there was a gap in understanding for people wanting to start dating. I have worked with the most qualified people to create a dating program to teach the ‘how to’ of dating in todays work and learning around creating safe relationships. We have since added a speed dating event to assist clients meeting new friends and potential partners.

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